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24 EDU

A brand new service for our clients! 24 Frames is now offering two different 2-day workshops for anyone wanting to learn the basics of video production and editing. We know that video is taking over the internet and it’s not always feasible to hire a large production team to film some of the smaller social media content you require.


The workshops are for complete beginners, someone that has never touched a camera but wants to learn how to make their own (basic) content regularly. Your company may be interested so that your staff can film those smaller videos on a weekly or monthly basis.


You have your footage sitting in a hard drive but don’t know what to do with it! You have two options for your post production solutions. The 1st is easy, send it to us! And if you have already enrolled in a course you will receive discounted prices on our edit rate. The 2nd option is to learn how to edit yourself. That is where this course comes in.

We are a multinational, multicultural and multitalented team of sought-after filmmakers who have worked with Emmy award-winning producers and artists from around the world.


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24 EDU

24 EDU is an education route to the basics of self-production within the confines of your budget, and within your time. Content creation has never been easier

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